3D origami how to make a scorpion (modular origami) tutorial

Video description

Shows how to make a scorpion of pieces origami.

We need: 95 red triangular pieces and 76 black

How to make triangular pieces for 3d origami see here.

Making the first row of the 2 red and 2 black pieces (modules)

Make a second row of 3 red pieces (corners in the first row is left free)

Again, make a series of 2 red and 2 black pieces

Make another series of 3 red pieces

And make repeat the series in the following order:

One series - 2 black and 2 red

Other - 3 red pieces

In all, we must have 12 alternating rows.

We make the following series of pieces, 2 red and 1st in the center of the black

In the 14th number 1 do black pieces in the middle.

Next, collect a scorpion's tail, we need 15 units of red and 2 black

Make a claw (8 red and 8 black pieces)

The same pattern making the second claw (claws at the end of a little bent)

Putting feet (4 red, 5 black pieces)

By analogy, we make have such 7 feet

That's what we should be at this point

Compile our scorpion.

Best of all, in the end, all pieces (modules) are ready scorpion colorless glue stationery glue. So it does not fall apart and will last you a very long time as a fun toy and a good interior decoration.

Now you know how to make a scorpion 3D origami. Agree, it's very simple

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